Nissen Bassoon Crooks (Bocals)


The bassoon crook (bocal) has been made in the traditional way for centuries, by cutting a piece of metal plate in to an elongated triangle, folded over a mandrill and soldered along the seam. This has many disadvantages causing split seams and inconsistency as the walls of the crook are either all thick or all thin.



The Nissen method is completely new and revolutionary.


The basic tube is drawn into shape without a seam as a complete operation. The tube is then re-worked into a conical tube with the walls of the reed end made with a thicker material and the instrument end, a thinner material. The first 10cms of the reed end dampens the wild overtones making stability a priority, then as the tube thins out along the length, the overtones are released, to give brightness and projection. Therefore the Nissen crook is both thick and thin at the same time, producing a stable and musical tone of character. 


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David Nissen is a professional bassoon player with over 50 years of experience.

Drawn method for seamless tubing        

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